The Best Answers to Essay Questions Asked to MBA Applicants by Stanford


If you are aiming for an MBA from Stanford, then you should first have one thing clear. Your educational background and your previous work experience are not the sole thing that is of interest to them.

What they Want

According to Stacy Blackman who founded the Stacy Blackman Consulting, a firm providing services which help MBA aspirants to get enrolled for the top programs, they want to know about you in detail, your values, personality and motivations.

How They Get It
Stanford adjudges the traits that define you as a human being through two essay questions that are open ended and to ensure that applicants stay to the point they set a combined word limit of 1,150.

What are the Questions

Question One
“What matters most to you, and why?”
If one were to abide by the recommendations of Stanford it is better to use only about 750 words of the 1,150 word limit. Here the answer to why is more important than why.

The best way to tackle this is through an authentic illustration of your true self and how it came to be. Sharing experiences and insights are the focus here rather than your accomplishments. The question is a chance for you to prove your being and the factors that motivate you. The best part of it is that it need not be related to your career. As a statement of fact, the answers that stand out as the strongest are not usually related to careers.
Question Two

“Why Stanford? Enlighten us on how earning your MBA at Stanford will enable you to realize your ambitions.”
The answer to this question requires background research about Stanford university . Remember that Stanford encourages its students to dream big and make them a reality through proper procedure. Here boldness is an asset. The answer should project yourself as an ambitious prospective student and how Stanford can aid the process.

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