The Best Christmas Party Games For Kids

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Having a Christmas party that people will remember for their entire lifetime is no easy task. But let us just say that you manage to make all the required preparations for the same. All the guests are on-time Hors D’oeuvres are a big hit (even with the vegans), the usual angry drunk uncle Jim has only began his first round and you’ve already hinted the barman to keep the drinks rolling slowly for him.

Everything seems to be going as per plan. But wait, the kids are making an absolute ruckus and all the sugar is not proving to help the situation. After all kids will be kids. And at a time for happiness and jolly that is Christmas, howling at a bunch of beautiful boys and girls who have been good this year sounds like an awful idea. You don’t want to be considered as the “cranky child-hater” amongst the kids now. Do you?We have the best Christmas game ideas for keeping the kids busy and proving to be the cool and fun party host. Also we recommend that you get some small prizes for the winners keeping up with the holiday spirit.

Holiday maze: this is the perfect game that might appear a little messy at first but will not need much of planning on your end. In fact simply setting up for the game could be a game in itself for your child. All you have to do is buy a few balls of yarn and simply tie a tiny gift at the end of ball. Then hand it to your child to set-up a holiday game around the room by rolling out the yarn and passing it around all corners and furniture around the room. Go around the chairs, under the table legs and even around the banisters if needed. And voila! You have got yourself the perfect little Christmas game that will keep the kids busy all night.

The mute Santa: this game will need you to buy enough Santa hats for all the children coming to your party. Write the name of a Christmas character on each hat and put them on each child without letting them see the name on their own hat. Then ask them to go around the room talking to each other trying to guess the name of the character on their hats. The first correct guesser wins!

Suspicious stockings: simply fill a sock or a stocking with mystery items, does not need to be expensive. Then pass this around the room asking each kid to guess what is inside the stocking. They may be allowed to smell it, shake it and feel the shape of it in order to guess what’s inside. If they guess it right they get to keep the gift inside. We suggest that you fill the stocking with simple party friendly gifts.

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