The Best Place to Get An MBA

In the world of business schools, the pre-eminence of top American business schools continue as we approach 2016. In the latest international rankings by The Economist, no less than 14 of the top 20 full-time MBA B-schools hail from the United States. The top position is also held by an American Business School the Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago.

The best place to get an mba

How Booth Dominates the Rankings
In the surveys conducted by The Economist this dominance by Booth is nothing new having topped the list 5 times within the period of the last 6 years. The rankings take into account both subjective marks by the students themselves as well as hard data. One reason that might be attributed to its runaway success is the more than satisfactory quality of its faculty, careers service along with the best in the world facilities that it provides. It has played host to no less than seven Nobel laureates and has campus presence in Hong Kong and London as well, apart from its home in Chicago. Also to be noted is that fact that the overwhelming majorities, 98% to be precise, find jobs within just three months after finishing their degrees.The 13th Ranking by The Economist
This happens to be the 13th time that rankings have been published by The Economist. The rankings are based on a subjective question asked to students “Why They Opted For An MBA” and the data on which the rankings are based takes into picture what matters to the students. The four broad categories upon which the rankings are based happen to be Educational Experience and Personal Development and the opening up of new career opportunities both of which get equal weighting at 35%, increases in salary which hets 20% weighting and networking potentials to emerge out of the experience the weighting of which stands at 10%.

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