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The Scariest Truths About Being a Manager!

It is that time of the year again where the dead become undead and walk out of their peaceful graves right into the human abode. Whether you are a devout believer of all things paranormal or simply brush the spooky aside with a smirk of science, there are several more chilling things that take place in our lives. The chills of witnessing such horrors are much stronger than simply watching a jump-scare video or the best of Halloween horror movie re-runs.

These horrors are more spine-chilling than just being unprepared for your Halloween costume of the year or running out of dip at your Halloween shindig. Our career path post an MBA is no short of an adventure-filled horror movie.

For those making a transition into a managerial role to finally build and run the ideal business fuelled by hopes and dreams, there are certain scary realities that come with managing a group of employees which they must come to terms with. There are unexpected roadblocks accompanied with a number of other difficulties that a manager must deal with, sooner or later.

So, this Halloween we decided to acquaint you with some scary truths about being a manager to employees after you’re done with MBA:

Scary truth #1: Your actions will have consequences!

As a manager you are supposed to lead by example. While you may not know this, but your daily actions, reactions and simple professional habits are being noticed and judged by your team on a daily basis.

You cannot simply ask for your employees to be successful without modelling the ideal yourself. Our advice to you would be to practice transparency about your expectations and live up to them on your own as well.

Scary truth #2: Not everybody will like what you say!

Managing a team of workers is no easy feat and the best weapon to equip yourself with as a manager is humble confidence that will help you to overcome roadblocks. You must realize the scary truth that not all employees will be completely enthralled with what you have to offer, be it the daily projects or tasks, simple advice or even your sharp-tongued feedback. So, you must learn to grow a thicker skin. You will not always have the chances of being nice and winning the hearts of all your employees in every turn.

Scary truth #3: A manager never shuts his door!

Having continuous communication and feedback are essential to the success of your employees and form a key aspect of your managerial duties. Shutting out those who matter the most could put your business in jeopardy. So, have an open-door policy to make sure you remain accessible to your employees. They should be able to come to you with their concerns at any point of time and feel free to dish out feedback on a regular basis to help your employees get better for the greater good.

Scary truth #4: Bid goodbye to perfectionism!

Managers should never let their inner perfectionists come in the way of delegation. If that happens, then you will end up losing valuable amount of time on irrelevant fine-tuning when it comes to the main work. Moreover, not only will this take longer than usual to actually get things done, it may also inhibit your company employees from accomplishing their goals.

Perfectionist bosses are the least favourite of employees and also seldom respected, as they are usually impossible to please.

Scary truth #5: Expectations must be lowered!

Good things need time. One cannot expect their employees to be the best of shining stars right from the get-go. It will take meticulous leadership, delegations and a little bit of trial and error to build your dream team. To inspire and engage your employees, you will need careful thinking with prompt actions that do not go against your ethicality as a manager.

Being the boss is scarier than it may seem, but despite all the unnecessary roadblocks, the thrilling adventures, bone-chilling negotiations, nerve-wracking meetings and close encounters to almost touching your most cherished dreams while having to let go of some… it is still a joyride worth making a leap of faith for.

So, this Halloween give yourself a good scare, with assuming the role of a mock manager; who knows may be you could turn your horrible boss nightmares into a horrifying reality!

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