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These Tasks You Do Everyday Waste Your Time And Cost You Business Money

When it comes to running a full-fledged business, as the captain of the ship you may always be on the lookout with your periscope to cut costs from all odd corners and raise your margins. While there may be some very obvious ways of saving money, but there are some tasks that you do every day which is costing your employees valuable time and the company, money. And often the most frivolous functions sometimes turn out to be the biggest of problems.

So, here at Management Writing Solutions, the trusted assignment writing company we did the math and pinpointed the tasks that employees engage on a daily basis which waste time and cost you business money!

It is true that no business is a 100 percent productive all day, every day. The employees, who work on-site, will definitely stand around the coffee-pot every morning and talk long and hard about last night’s game or their failed movie date. Those who work remotely will definitely waste a few minutes for letting the dog out or having a conversation with a friendly neighbour who stopped by. But both these employee groups would also take long lunch breaks and often check their personal social media accounts every day.

But these are far from being the biggest productivity thieves for the company. In fact some of the biggest time-wasters for employees are the frivolous formalities which the managers only often ask of them.

Attending long and unnecessary meetings:

Several surveys revealed that employees list meetings as one of their prime time-wasters ever, in the workplace. This includes unnecessary meetings as well as those which stretch like the strongest rubber band on the planet for endless amount of time.

If you are one of the lucky breeds who can tame meetings in the organization, then you must consider implementing a system where a meeting would be held when it is an absolute necessity. And when meetings to take place, keep a set agenda handy which can keep everyone on track so as to avoid side conversations which are a time waster for everyone.

Making unnecessary reports (or when in college writing assignments in bulk):

Ever wondered that report you are keeping with the number of applicants you have processed before or the total number of products manufactured may only be important to you?

If the management has especially ordered in the report then there is really not much that you can do. But if one is putting down these reports voluntarily and sending them to people to determine what is of value, then we suggest that you would be better off convincing your superior that your time is better spent on more important tasks.

Obsessive micromanagement:

Ever heard of the words – “My business is my baby, it is my whole life and I want every aspect of it to be handled so”.

Recognize yourself? No? This is the common voice of a serial micro-manager. You as their leader must realize that people of your team have been selected for a reason and each one of them have been chosen to be there due to their unique set of skills and the expertise they bring to the project.

A groundbreaking study even revealed that people when led to believe that they were being watched, perform at a lower level than their usual potentialities.

Yes, it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of your company, but it is also important to let your employees do their jobs without being patronised.

Try and measure the amount of time you are spending on simply snooping at your employees double-checking their work and trying to have your hand in almost absolutely everything. Know that just because someone does something differently than you do, it does not have to mean that it is wrong. So, it is best to sometimes take a step back and let the talent do what they do the best.

Too many unnecessary email communications:

Unless you are an absolute anti-social who shudders at making conversations upfront and have talking to acquaintances as a recurrent nightmare. We suggest that try and communicate as much as possible through phone calls or direct drop-ins at the office cabins of the respective personnel. While many have a false belief that emails and chats are a quicker and an easier way of communication, but in actuality they are not.

It comes highly recommendable for employees to only use emails and chats for communications when absolutely necessary, because those methods usually come with numerous delays and unnecessary back-and-forth messages.

Reacting to distractions:

Today’s offices are mostly open plan and the biggest downside of that is to get distracted easily. Things like an intrusive meeting over a speaker phone, a chatty conversation in the hallway, or just a chronic cougher can into your nerves and pull you away from the tasks at hand. And to further complicate things there are often co-workers dropping by to talk about a bad day or an obnoxious co-passenger in the morning train ride and various odd things.

It is advisable to find a quiet place to work on days when you have too many things to get done. And if you cannot, then may be invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones to cancel all the noise out when others just won’t stop talking.

In closing thoughts, as hard as you may strive to be uber productive during the work hours, you simply cannot ignore all inevitable distractions and time-wasters. But you could try to be more proactive about identifying the things that drain your energy and hinder with your productivity, to take the necessary measures against them and be able to boost your career prospects further.

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