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Understanding Human Resources Management Studies

Who are the human resource personnel?


Human resources are the people associated with a company who not only know the company goals and requirements but also work for the company to build the company itself. It is due to their endeavors that companies are able to achieve their business objectives. These days the focus on the intellectual capital of a company has been growing at a tremendous rate with the ever increasing competition in the market.

The matter of human resource management is concerned with using the organization’s human resources capital effectively to enhance the company’s performance. But know that proper human resource management is no easy feat and requires great skills, know-how and comes with constant practice.

One of the biggest challenges in the corporate world today is HRM. This challenge is not only faced by Human Resources Managers but it is also the responsibility of other administrative collars in the company. The practice of getting things done with the help of others requires 360 degree understanding of management techniques. The only way a company’s goals and objectives can be achieved is by effectively employing the firm’s human resources.

The history of HRM:


Frederick Taylor conducted studies at the turn of the century at Midvale Steel works to be later called as the Father of Scientific Management. He concluded from his studies that the employers must develop an ideal way of performing one job role and it is the employees’ responsibility to follow that ideal way to perform a job role. Taylor’s idea was that employers should hire the right workers for the job role and then guide them with a detailed outline to do each job well.

Following this Elton Mayo was the one who discovered the importance of people in the workplace. He spent his days researching at the Western Electric Plant from 1927 to 1932 in order to pinpoint and solve the shortcomings associated with the Scientific Management of Taylor. It was his work that highlighted the importance of giving due recognition to the workers and the importance of fostering a social relationship in the work place.

The organization can be thought of as open system and its productivity as the transformation process. The necessary resources or inputs are obtained from the external environment. Then when in the company the resources go through a process of transformation and bring about the desired results in the form of output. These resultant products then are absorbed in the external environment or in other words are consumed by the target audience.

The main point that must be considered in this case is the importance of the external environment and its impact on the organization. In reference to an organization and its human resources the external environment is of paramount importance, as organizations must compete with each other for quality labor. Also the company’s resource function should be especially well-equipped and competitive to attract the best quality workers for them and retain them.

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