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Project Management: Kelly’s Cafe Construction

Type: Report

Domain: Project Mangement

Words: 3000


Project Management: Kelly’s Cafe Construction

A project development process includes many critical factors which ensure the efficiency of the project planning process and the project team. This project management study has been based on construction and designing of a cafe house. The project objectives included development of the cafe, its interior decoration and also business activities such as the marketing and the recruitment process for the cafe. The project development process has been performed with the help of the waterfall model. The allocated time period for the project was 60 days and the budget was $12000. However, based on the planning process, it was noted that the project can be completed within 40 days and with an estimated budget requirement of $11300. The work breakdown structure, timeline and the pert chart of the project has reflected the activities which are to be performed for achieving the project goals. The critical tasks have been identified in the project with the help of the network diagram. However, excessive slack period between the activities can result in resource wastage which can also hamper the quality of project management process. A balanced scorecard will be used for the performance monitoring of the project team which includes the project manager, supervisors for each functional department and the base level workers. It has been recommended that the project planning can be further improved by reducing the slack activities and enhancing the communication between the project manager and the project team.

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