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Information Technology Adoption in Education Sector

Type: Report

Domain: Technology And Innovation

Words: 4500


Information Technology Adoption in Education Sector

The need for introducing IT based educational system and adoption of IT in the educational processes was the theme for this research. The research questions were framed on these grounds that set the direction of the study. The literature review analyzed the integration process of IT along with the benefits and challenges that can be derived from them. It was noted that cost and integration were also the primary challenges in including IT in the educational process. The discussions among the scholars highlight toward stakeholder inclusion and engagement and implementation of ERP systems for integrated IT network throughout the service structure of educational institutions. The methodology followed for the research was quantitative in nature wherein a sample population of 100 was selected along with Likert Scale Survey process for data collection.
The primary data analysis and interpretation were framed in relation to the research questions to achieve specific answers that can be associated with the subject matter of the study. It was observed that the students support IT adoption in the educational system but there were also concerns about the cost of the IT supported academic system. Based on this, was suggested to focus on the long-term value and benefits that can be derived with IT interfaced educational process and also increase the access of learning and teaching with the help of distance education.

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