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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Truth Behind Lying in Business

The Truth Behind Lying in Business

Before we carry on with this post, let us ask you one question… Are you an honest person? Take this question seriously. Are you really an honest person? Wait till you have the answer before reading on. Now, do you have it? Good. The next question that follows is do you sometimes lie? We are … Continue reading –>

Do You Know Your Personality Type?

Do You Know Your Personality Type?

There are people who are absolutely intrigued and follow every word about the bizarre idea of having a specific personality type and then there are some who believe them to be utter nonsense. But still it is always interesting to see which personality type we belong to or supposedly fall in, so that perhaps we … Continue reading –>

Please, write my essay! The truth behind dissertation writing services

Please, Write My Essay! The Truth Behind Dissertation Writing Services

We are also one of the many others of dissertation writing services and know what we are doing. We have recently been interviewed by a popular e-newspaper platform and were asked the common questions that are also asked by our clients frequently – where is the fine line between plagiarism, cheating and essay writing as … Continue reading –>

The Horrors Of The Crummy Old Pitch Deck!

Before we begin with how the pitch desk met with its unsavoury death, lets us ask you a couple of questions. How many pitch decks or sales pitches have you seen? The second question is even more important. How many of them do you remember? If your response to these two questions were none, then … Continue reading –>