Please, Write My Essay! The Truth Behind Dissertation Writing Services

Please, write my essay! The truth behind dissertation writing services

We are also one of the many others of dissertation writing services and know what we are doing. We have recently been interviewed by a popular e-newspaper platform and were asked the common questions that are also asked by our clients frequently – where is the fine line between plagiarism, cheating and essay writing as a full-time job? What about the academic integrity of the students that are your clients?

We were one of the foremost to start our website offering custom-written essays specifically to MBA students, and have witnessed this shady practice of ghostwriting grow from the back alleys of the World Wide Web to flourish as a cottage industry. We have a team of professional essay writers more than 30 now in headcount and growing every day. Like any other IT company professionals they are normal full-time employees who commute to work, maintain their regular 9 to 5 office hours, have some laughs at lunch, engage in water-cooler talks and do everything else similar to regular office goers. Now we have more than just one web address where we regularly deal with our clients who maintain communications during the whole time of writing their dissertations or essays or other academic content for them.

When I, also a writer for academic writing services joined our organization I thought I would be writing to help students with lower than average capacity. But it is only after I got involved in this role that I realized that I was in for a surprise. We get orders from all kinds of students based in a variety of geographical locations. While the popular belief that students of Ivy League colleges like UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley, NYU or Columbia would be very hard-working and diligent to maintain their competitive, we have been surprised time and again to be offered writing assignments from students of such elite institutions. As our clients have articulated that their reasoning behind this drastic measure is to apply all kinds of ‘unorthodox’ methods to tackle the challenges that are forced on them by their professors and supervisors.

As academic writing assignments keep increasing to become a major aspect of the traditional formal educational systems the development of such cottage industries like custom writing services or essay writing companies are clearly justified. Students from the best of colleges are thought to be hard working more than their average counterparts, which in fact is true and that is why they cannot afford to fail. Many a times the topic requirements of a paper is so complex that students find it difficult to understand them and the tight deadline with high stakes make the prospect even more anxiety producing.

We understand that writing is an important skill for communication especially for professionals involved in fields like business and management. While we offer a helping hand for students to thrive in the competitive world, we do not aim to create a lazy future workforce, ill-equipped in their areas of expertise. Instead our aim as a dissertation writing service is to offer quality written materials which they can use to get more than the passing grade; we would like to inspire students to learn from their seniors and take notes from the assignments offered by us so that they can apply themselves.

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