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5 Business Books From Harvard Pass-out for Guaranteed Success

Now this may seem like a blog that will list the usual management and business books that advertise that they will tell you the silver bullet to management and business success. While this sounds really tempting and is what makes most people buy them but most of them are later discovered to be disappointing as they do not say much more than what is written at the summary.

Being an essay writing website we have read our fair share of Business books over the years. So, we figured we might as well share a concise reading list with you to save your precious time that comes recommended from a former Harvard pass-out. If you want to save some cash and precious time while gaining knowledge in business and management, and only intend to read a few books.

  1. Switch – How To Change Things When Change Is Hard

The most useful general management book available in the market, this is written by Dan and Chip Heath who talk about different ways how change can be implemented within the work place as well as at home by sharing frameworks and making a good case with their viewpoints using stories and anecdotes.

Most readers reviewed this book as a very simple one which can be understood and remembered with ease and also implemented into their lives.

  1. Difficult Conversations ­– How To Discuss What Matters The Most

Many managers swear by this book as the go-to guide for revising interpersonal and relationship developing skills. The reason this book is preferred by many is due to the fact that it boils down a very complex topic into a set of actionable recommendations which rare to find.

One can also strengthen their communicational skills if they read this book with other people, they can also find the opportunity to bounce ideas off people and strengthen their work relationships.

  1. The One Minute Manager

While this might sound like a gimmick but is in actuality a worthwhile book that has its application in day-to-day lives. Written by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard offers a few quick tips how managers can motivate people and oversee them. this is the book to read for new managers as it offers a wide variety of scenarios that are useful to ponder upon and prepare in advance before one encounters them in real life.

  1. The Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do In Life

A book that offers a fresh approach to change management which concentrates on changing individuals rather than organizations; this book is authored by Charles Duhigg who has examined change in different contexts and also delves into the concepts of what lies inherently in developing new habits and how we manage and cope with change.

  1. Stress Test – Reflections on Financial Crises

While some of you may think about skipping this book as it seems a little dry and boring. But we have a great argument in favor of this book and why we think you should read it. While management skills and techniques are elemental for managers to know but it is also important for managers to have general knowledge about the world of business to be successful in their operations.  And this book written by Timthy F. Geithner does just that. This is also a good book to keep up with the current affairs in the market which is crucial for managers.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!