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A Few HR Practices that are Trending These Days

There is only one constant phenomenon in the corporate world today that is common across borders and cultures alike – change. This is especially true in terms of Human resource. The human resource system of the past was only about mitigating compliance issues and managing employee-related matters. But that is history long gone today.

The modern Human Resource Management practices can be best explained here in the words of Jason Averbrook, CEO of Marcus Buckingham Company.

He said that even after a few hundred years several thousands of companies are still running their HR practices the same way as they did simply focusing on risks and compliance issues and paying attention to the transactional side. But this is a changed time with modernity included in the workspace. Today unions and pension systems and transparency in the work space no longer mean the same.

The work environment today has transformed to give less importance to titles and with the advancement of technology no longer remains confined with cubicles bordering roles, duties and responsibilities and curbing creativity. So, understandably HR practices must change in keeping with the same.

Here are the current practices and norms in HR which must be incorporated and embraced for the success of this integral department in a company:

HR must open a new way of looking at things:

An innovative strategy to improve productivity sometimes leads companies to change their overall strategy of work flow. HR professionals must stand up to spearhead this change in overall strategy transformation by efficiently assessing the employees. This can be done effectively by embracing the big data trends with wide open arms.

A majority of CEOs suggest that HRs must be proficient in using workforce analytics efficiently with the number rising to an overwhelming 90 percent agreeing to the prospect of incorporating big data into their processes. 35 percent CEOs agree that proficiency in analytics is absolutely essential for the HRs of the company.

Best tools to incorporate in workforce analytics are systems like employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement survey, using all round review software and social media survey to easily share data with the employees as well as clients which is crucial to the company’s bottom line.

HR software to lend a new helping hand:

The demand and use of Human resources software is growing. Presently more than 53 percent of firms with above 1000 employees are incorporating human resources management software into their work pipeline and more will be investing in this avenue soon.

This is due the fact that with an automated process many headache-inducing processes have become easy to handle.

HR personnel are now a front running part of the team:

Today’s HRs no longer operates behind the scene but is an invaluable part of the team operating at the forefront. They have an in-depth understanding of the work processes especially in terms of decision-making. Almost 88 percent of the CEOs of the world who generate more than 50 million in revenue agree to the fact that the opinions of HRs matter and even carry a greater weight when it comes to important decisions and some even agree that data shared by their HRs have been incorporated into their core business strategy which has resulted in improving results.

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