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A Few Transition Words Every Essay Writer Must Know

Transition it is the passage from one stage to another stage or from one place to another. This is what is suggested by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, but that has been around for roughly around 184 years. So, let us try and amend it a little bit with this definition – transition is the passage from one stage, state, place or idea to another. Because when we write essays that is what we do. When we write essays we transit from one idea to another which is usually related one particular subject. This takes place from section to section, paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence. This is done to transit from one idea to another. So, on a micro scale one must use transition words.

Why do we think transition words for essays are important?

We believe transition words are oh-so-important because when you move from one idea to another you need to meld ideas into a cohesive bunch. In the absence of transition words it becomes difficult to maintain directions. But overuse or misuse of these words can also lead to a mess of redundancy clunked with too much of transitional madness.

So let us understand how to tackle these transition words when writing an essay.

A few common mistakes when using transition words:

Transition with numbers:

Here is a sample sentence to showcase transition errors in number.

Firstly, smoking causes cancer and is bad for your lungs. Second, this awful habit can cause discoloration of your teeth. Third, smoking can also cause harm to the people around you. And in the fourth place, smoking can also be a very expensive habit to maintain.

When writing essays for academic purposes, people are often asked to propose various theories and arguments. Thus, each point only seems logical to most writers. But this is just an essay and not a list. So, we recommend that you try and avoid numbering arguments all together when transitioning to a new argument.

Broken record in transition words:

Here is a sample text that shows error in transition words over usage.

Exercise can improve your cardiovascular health. In addition to that it can also boost your self-esteem. Additionally, exercising can be a good way to meet new people. Plus exercise is a great way to look young and extend your life.

While some transition words are used more than the others and you may have your favorite transition word that you like to use a lot. But we suggest you practice some restraint when it comes to writing academic papers. After all writing is all about balance, so avoid using transition words as much as you can.

Avoid spelling it out:

We cannot count the number of conclusion paragraphs we have read that begin with the words – In conclusion… One must use transition words to guide their readers from idea to idea and section and section, but the tendency of spelling everything out is best avoided when writing academic essays.

Here is a list of common transition words that are mostly used for academic essays:

  • Moreover
  • And/as/as well as
  • Additionally
  • Likewise
  • Furthermore
  • Equally
  • Besides
  • Correspondingly
  • Nevertheless
  • Conversely
  • However
  • Rather
  • Whenever
  • Consequently
  • Accordingly
  • Hence
  • Because of
  • Thus

If you have an essay that proposes strong arguments and theories, but lacks in smooth transitioning from section to section then you can take reference from the above list of transition words to find good replacement words for your essay. And if you still feel that you essay lack in punch and transitional balance, feel free to hand over your essay to the editing experts at Management Writing Solutions for help to write an essay. We can not only professional editorial essay writing help, we will also help to develop your overall writing skills and ability of using transition words.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!