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You Can Inspire Good Habits Among Your Employees in This Way

The job role of a white-collar title holding ‘leader’ may seem like an endless list of treacherous points in wordy bullets, but bullets they are in whichever form it is. However, the main priority for CEOs, CFOs and staff managers alike is ultimately one thing – it is to lead with conviction.

But the burning question is – How?

Every c-suite executive in a company has a goal which is to foster excellence. Every company houses an eclectic mix of personalities, temperaments, and skills. Many before you (the presently studying MBA student buried under stacks of uninspiring MBA assignments), have walked the long roads to find the key to effective management. But the key to this unassuming mystery is to simply do one thing, inspire. Continue reading –>

A Few Transition Words Every Essay Writer Must Know

Transition it is the passage from one stage to another stage or from one place to another. This is what is suggested by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, but that has been around for roughly around 184 years. So, let us try and amend it a little bit with this definition – transition is the passage from one stage, state, place or idea to another. Because when we write essays that is what we do. When we write essays we transit from one idea to another which is usually related one particular subject. This takes place from section to section, paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence. This is done to transit from one idea to another. So, on a micro scale one must use transition words.

Why do we think transition words for essays are important?

We believe transition words are oh-so-important because when you move from one idea to another you need to meld ideas into a cohesive bunch. In the absence of transition words it becomes difficult to maintain directions. But overuse or misuse of these words can also lead to a mess of redundancy clunked with too much of transitional madness. Continue reading –>