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Exemplification Essay Guidebook By An Expert Essay Writer: Tips & Topics

Exemplification essay, such a long word like that seems daunting at first sight. But, you’ll feel the comfort once you learn how to write an exemplification essay. Simply, you have to adopt three steps to find the success: read this guidebook, choose a good topic, and write a superb exemplification essay. Yes, things are that easy when you know the drill.

What exactly is the idea of an exemplification essay?

The whole idea of an exemplification is simpler than you think. It’s a genre of the essay, where you have to prove your point of view with examples, claims, and counters. If you know how to write an argumentative essay or an analytical essay, then exemplification essays won’t be a problem for you. Likewise the other two, here you don’t need to use facts, figures, quotations, statistics, and shreds of evidence to strengthen your contentions. Examples are the only form of evidence in an exemplification essay. Focus on a unique and exclusive case in points or instances.

Sample exemplification topics: effective & popular

Similar to the outstanding argumentative topics, exemplification essay themes must be well-liked but not prevalent. From the following list, pick a corner of study and conduct exemplified research to develop a seamless piece of an essay.

  1. How Herzberg’s motivation theory does explain the improvement in the production rate of an XYZ company?
  2. What is the contribution of JIT production theory in the improvement of XYZ’s production rate?
  3. An analytical study to demonstrate the efficiency of PESTLE analysis in increasing the growth of XYZ company
  4. Porter’s five forces – how is it effective in corporate business management practices?
  5. How far SWOT analysis techniques are effective? Has it helped the XYZ Company in working on its opportunities?
  6. An exemplified study on break-even analysis: a case study on XYZ company
  7. Are mergers better than acquisition – case study on ABC & XYZ’s joint venture
  8. Can the TQM method improve the brand value and quality of service of XYZ Company?
  9. Does Ansoff’s Matrix has helped the launch of ABC company?
  10. Why and how the market capitalization of ABC surpassed XYZ?

If you don’t find any of the above matching your interest, you can certainly go for other options but make sure the theme is trendy, unique and suitable for this genre of essay.

How to write an exemplification essay: 4 simple steps

Composing an exemplification will be in your grip if you know the right technique and apt tactics. Therefore, read the subsequent steps to master the art of writing an exemplification essay. Make sure you follow the steps in the same order as mentioned here.

First, choose an exemplification essay topic:

A perfect topic is a big consideration in an exemplification essay. The whole illustration and descriptions stand on the basis of your essay theme. Remember, a good topic means you are already in 50% success. Ascertain your idea satisfies all the following criterions –

  • Like a compare and contrast essay, here also you need the most current affair for a perfect exemplification. People don’t like reading what they already know.
  • Your topic must specific, too. General considerations or too broad aspects get hard to control during composition. Don’t make your essay inadequately informed.
  • Your topic should have some use in that field of research or else, professors will consider it as a redundant piece of work that has no particular use.
  • And, the final criteria says to choose a unique and exclusive idea for your exemplification essay. It will make your essay more interesting and fascinating.

Second, do enough research for the exemplification essay

Well, research is an integral part of academic writing, which you can never shove off. Only the style of your study and analysis changes with the genre. You don’t have to play deductions and hardcore analysis for exemplification essays. Simply, collect evidence in the form of appropriate examples and sample works. Later use them for justifying your statements and proving or disproving your point of view.

Study scientific journals, scholarly articles, magazines, free papers from the best educational websites like Management Writing Solutions, non-fiction books, reputable newspapers, agency reports, and more and more of such sources. However, do not rely on Wikipedia information or personal blogs at all. These houses the fakest and unimportant data that will only downgrade the standard of your essay.

Third, develop a good outline for your exemplification essay

An outline is important irrespective of the essay genre. It keeps a track of your writing movement, giving you a sense of balance between freedom and compactness. Having a precise outline, let’s you save an enormous amount of time. It’s one universal solution for every student, who faces deadline issues with exemplification essays. Here’s how to outline an essay

  • Decide the length of your essay and number of paragraphs
  • Break the whole essay with suitable and smooth transitions
  • Outline the essay as introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion
  • Don’t forget to format the references according to a specific style.

Note: Expert essay writers recommend five-paragraphs as a perfect essay structure. One paragraph is for introducing the topic, one goes for the conclusion and the rest three make the essay body. Each of the body passage will contain an idea or a theme along with a relevant example.

Fourth, write and proofread the exemplification essay

Pre-writing responsibilities are over. Therefore, it’s time for developing a true copy of the exemplification essay. Compose the essay with your collected examples. Start with the main body. Further, proceed for the introduction and then the conclusion. Above all, you must build the thesis before starting with the essay.

Dedicate each of the body passage for a topic sentence. Give it a sense of completeness with examples and exemplifications. Subsequently, focus on the essay introduction. Remember, it has three major functions – to hook the audience, to prepare for what’s coming, and to trigger the interest. Make sure the readers are comfortable in reading your essay. Lastly, write the essay conclusion. Surprisingly, the conclusion covers 10% of the essay. Therefore, it should be complete in a way that readers cannot question “so what?” – leave no room for doubts. After all of this, proofread the essay before submitting. Ensure it’s free from writing flaws and grammar mistakes.

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