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Compare And Contrast Essay Tips From The Best Essay Writing Service

Shopping is fun as you get the chance to compare and contrast various brands in terms of quality, quote and more. Finally, you pick the best that suits your need, isn’t it?

Compare and Contrast essay writing is in and out similar to this. Here, you have to compare and contrast two different subjects on the basis of particular contention. The main purpose is to organize and arrange the similarities and dissimilarities. They subjugate to prove or disprove the rational point of argument.

The approach to its composition can be a bit intimidating, as it upholds a whole new and different dimension of research and writing. So, here’re some suggestions on its template from a leading essay writing service. Catch a glimpse and make a note for later use!

Compare and Contrast essay template: mandatory elements

Introduction-body-conclusion is the three basic segments in every essay, irrespective of its genre. On the other hand, the rest of the sections vary depending on the types of essay. When you are writing a compare and contrast essay, the following segments are mandatory.

  1. Introduction
  2. General discussion on both the subjects
  3. Techniques of comparison and contrast
  4. Emphasis on the similarities and contrasts
  • Similarityy_1
  • Difference_1
  • Similarity_2
  • Difference_2


  • Similarity_1
  • Similarity_2
  • Difference_1
  • Difference_2
  1. Proving/disproving the point of contention
  2. Conclusion with inferences and recommendations

For those who don’t know how to outline an essay, above is the template that perfectly resembles a compare and contrast essay. Above all, it gives enough space for showcasing your research and study. Follow this for winning professors’ praise and audiences’ applause.

Choice of subjects – tips from essay writing service

A Compare and Contrast essay includes two different subjects. The comparison occurs on the basis of a few key aspects. Both the objects of comparison must relate closely but exist under different categories. Well, that’s kind of critical! Here’s what the expert essay writers of Management Writing Solutions have to say on that matter –

  • Both the subjects should belong to the same category
  • They must exist in the same time period or era
  • Subjects must have some points of similarity
  • Dissimilarities must exist between the subjects

For example: Don’t pick a politician or a businessman for Comparison as they indicate two different groups of people. Mahatma Gandhi and Donald Trump can’t be a comparison, too. This is because they point to distinct time periods in spite of both being politicians. However, Vladimir Putin (Current Prime Minister of Russia) and Donald Trump (Current President of USA) are great for comparisons.

How to start a compare and contrast essay?

Begin with a bang – that’s the cardinal rule for every essay. Although the approach repeats, style changes with genres. Where a flawless Argumentative essay starts with persuasion, Cause-Effect essays begin with a significant effect. Likewise, stating a difference is the best way to open a Compare and Contrast Essay. Below are more shreds of suggestions.

  • Pick the most interesting dissimilarity between the objects of concern
  • Concise the matter in a sentence as beginnings aren’t preferred to be lengthy
  • Neither use acronyms for the start nor begin on a negative aspect
  • Try to speak specifically, without exaggeration (fun beginnings are also good)

Remember, the opening of your essay should be shrewd enough to hook the audience. Moreover, it must trigger their sense of curiosity. It must compel the individuals for reading further and knowing deeper.

End a compare and contrast essay in style – how?

The last impression grooves the longest impression – heard of the proverb? Well, it’s true for essays and so, conclusions are vital. If you don’t know how to write a conclusion, it’s high time to find the clues. Check here for some useful and effective hints –

  • Don’t end abruptly or leave without a proper ending
  • The conclusion must start with topic reinstation
  • Pointing to the key comparisons is definitely a great idea
  • Final recommendations compel the readers to rethink

150-300 words are the maximum word-count for an essay conclusion. Don’t make it lengthier with more information.  Otherwise, people will lose interest in reading. Keep in mind that it’s the last chance to interact with the audience so, be interesting and draw as much attention as you can.

Explain “why” the comparisons are important

The body is the most crucial section in any type of essay, as it embraces all the explanations, elucidations and the most important arguments. Like you speak about the main events of your life in a seamless reflective essay body, dedicate the body paragraphs of a compare and contrast essay for putting the light on assessed similarities and dissimilarities.

However, every writer happens to show a common fault by letting the contrasts and comparisons speak for themselves. That’s not how the scenario should be. The website offering the best essay writing service believes that the “Whys” should be well-explained by the writer –

  • ‘Why’ – this similarity/ dissimilarity is important, 
  • Is it helpful for the research? – ‘why’
  •  It needs no further explanation?- ‘why’ 
  • ‘Why’ it should be highlighted?

General tips to write a compare and contrast essay

Last few lines of suggestion are left and here lies the list. Take a close look before you start with your own composition and make it one fascinating piece of an essay. Excel your creative writing skills, abiding by these shreds of advice.

  • Template must be based on subject-to-subject comparison
  • Don’t put it all together – separate by paragraphs
  • Neither to repeat any point nor to overemphasize it
  • Let the title speak of your essay objective
  • Meaningful discussion is always preferred
  • Don’t be biased towards either of the subjects

Successful Compare and Contrast essay always end with an acknowledgment of the subjects. It’s considered a good style of composition in academe circles and professors. Follow these to avoid quality compromise.

Want an expert’s assistance in writing?

Many instances are found when universities assign Compare and Contrast essays with shorter deadlines. Time crunch is a big threat to students. Especially, maximum time gets exhausted in choosing subjects when it’s a Compare and Contrast Essay. In addition, outlining it consumes a lot of time. Thereby, leaving little or no time for composition. It says you need an expert, now!

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With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!