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50 Argumentative Essay Topics – Reflect More Potentiality

Argumentative essays are quite popular projects among high school or university students and nowadays there is a craze among the students to go for professional essay writing service for this purpose.  Usually, History, English composition, and Political Science involve this sort of essay write-ups to test students’ knowledge and skills. This clarifies your ability to claim and support an argument through the illustration of your argumentative essay topic.

There are two possibilities. Either your professor assigns you with an argumentative essay topic or you choose it on your own. And undoubtedly, it’s quite evident that you’re going through the later situation where you have to choose your topic. However, let’s not waste time and move forward to it…

Hit that Intensely Debatable Argumentative Essay Topic

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the topic you choose must belong to the context of the subject. For example, you can’t choose a research topic relating to Calculus for your English project. Therefore, whatever you choose has to be relevant and utterly appealing.

To do that, you might have to dig into a lot of scarce and time-tested resources for showcasing your knowledge. Argumentative essays require the involvement of a lot of aspects and techniques and choosing the topic is one of those. These are the genuine sources that you can avail of while picking your topic from the shuffle:

  • Textbooks
  • The internet
  • Newspapers
  • Office reports
  • Documentaries
  • Academic journals
  • Scientific magazines

In case you are already a pro in that specific field, you can always cite the sources you avail of while writing. This way you get the backup from the already approved data to prove your point stronger. Apart from that, direct or indirect quotations are also necessary for argumentative essay writing to strengthen your assertions.

A Glimpse of a few Collectible Argumentative Essay Topics

In order to ease your work of picking the right argumentative essay topic, we have provided some powerful options below. Choose the one you think can be suitable for the essay writing your professor has assigned you with.

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Impact of the television series in children’s minds
  2. Effectiveness and boundaries of the MBA programs
  3. There should be free education facility for every child
  4. How is the recent grading system changing the face of education?
  5. The favorable and unfavorable effect of globalization on society
  6. Why should the government ban hunting consider it cruelty to animals?
  7. Why is the education industry getting into the commercial zone these days?
  8. Adopting children by homosexual couples should be legal in every country
  9. Students must remain under a certain boundary in terms of availing the internet
  10. When it comes to joining the Army, the ultimate right should rely upon the youngsters

Argumentative Essay Topics Suitable for Mid-School Students

  1. Globalization and its genuine pros and cons
  2. How does Tsunami form into the death wave?
  3. How do weight and fitness depend upon food habits?
  4. Why is Golf still a demanding game among businessmen?
  5. The society as a whole should adopt measures for Anorexia
  6. Why should doctors never encourage mid-age kids for dieting
  7. Every team sports activity should ban the steroid takers forever
  8. Why should people sleep more to recover their health problems?
  9. Why should parents stop their kids from playing violent video games?
  10. What should be the right age for every citizen to start smoking and drinking?

Argumentative Essay Topics Appropriate for College Students

  1. The right age to gain the right to vote
  2. Why do you think drugs should be legalized?
  3. How did colonialism influence the Third World War?
  4. Why should the nations adopt socialism for their establishments
  5. The negative impact of the smartphones on the teens and children
  6. How does diversity in the workplace influence stress among employees?
  7. Smoking in public should be banned considering the health of the passive smokers
  8. Why should the government take immediate steps to ban tobacco production and sale?
  9. Should the schools treat the children with special requirements differently than the rest?
  10. Why can’t the machines and artificial intelligence replace the soldiers on the battlefield?

Technology related Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why should there be measures to band cloning?
  2. Why can’t online dating ever replace the traditional dates?
  3. Can it be possible to treat humans dealing with stress issues?
  4. Are we really getting smarter or dumber as technology evolves?
  5. How is technology creating barriers to the youngsters’ creativity?
  6. The expenses and usefulness of spending money to explore space
  7. Why do you think we are turning into decent Zombies due to technology?
  8. Could the advancement of technology eliminate World War III aftereffects?
  9. Are we getting accustomed to loneliness due to excessive technology usage?
  10. How is the education industry going through rapid transitions due to technology usage?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Making and sharing memes: Are they really ethical?
  2. The necessity to control and monitor social media platforms
  3. Social media and its negative impact on personal relationships
  4. Why do we see the ‘Report abuse’ option under social media posts?
  5. How are social media challenges and pranks dangerous for students?
  6. How do international habits and preferences affect us through social media?
  7. Criminal activities among teenagers spreading expeditiously in the open platforms
  8. How is the security of the celebrities getting loosen up due to Facebook and Twitter?
  9. What should be the right age for children to operate a personal social media account?
  10. A rapid change in the bias and point of view of the youngsters due to social media effects

Get a Second Opinion from the Experts

As of now, you have already checked numerous options above from which you can choose one for yourself easily. In case you’re still unable to find the right topic for your argumentative essay, get in touch with the experts for buy essay online. We are a  trustworthy custom essay writing service that looks after all the paper writing requests from students. Our professionals are constantly available via chatbox to help you with your essay-writing requirements. Therefore, feel free to contact us anytime or log in to our website and get instant assistance from our end.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!