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Stop Being The Hardest Worker at Work to be The Best!

Here is some real talk for all you MBA students who are either preparing for the rat race in the corporate life, or are already a part of it! If you work for the longest hours every day, then you will look the most desperate. While it is not a good idea to look lazy, but you need not be the hardest worker in the den as well!

Why work so much harder than the next person? What are you compensating for? Are you not as smart as them? Are you less organized? Are you not confident in your skills and abilities? Can you not navigate the world outside of work?

Chances are if you are the hardest worker in your team, then one the above is true, may be you are too blind to see it.

You are now in B-school buried under a stack of unfinished and long over-due MBA assignments, may be you are too afraid to say I need help on my essay, the words MBA assignment solved may sound music to your ears now. But we have got some noise that will shake you up!



The fact is that the hardest workers are not necessarily the most successful, and this starts much before you even start working! You see your peers scoring A+ grades on all their writing assignments that is not because they work harder than you, but is because they work smarter than you and buy research papers online.

When it comes to success in the workplace, it does not really matter if you ever got into an IVY League School, it only matters if you apply. Such were the outcomes noted from a study conducted by Professor Alan Krueger a professor of economics at Princeton University. Or to put it simply, in case of workplace success, the more important thing is the ambition and self-image and not just good grades or A+ test scores.

If you have been working non-stop even before joining the working class, on your assignment for MBA students, then you must prepare for diminishing results after graduation as well. We have spoken to several successful MBA pass-outs who have seen the good and the bad. Martha Martin is a student at MIT in biological engineering. She is the top of her field, yet she still makes time to play her favourite sport of ice hockey and volunteers at several local charities. She says that it is important for her to take breaks, because she cannot focus constantly on her studies if she keeps working non-stop. This would lead her to completely lose perspective.

We want you to stop lying to yourself by saying that you work non-stop because you absolutely love to do so. Because if you really did love your work then you would take occasional breaks so that you do not mess it up! People who work for more than eight hours a day often lose their effectiveness fast. Those who work constantly lose their edge. These people are often found to be perfectionists, controlling and not very good in team playing. You must realize the hidden secret behind good work, and that is –

The hardest workers are not always the top producers in terms of creativity and efficiency!

Workoholism is a bad news. Understand that the glorious idea that will completely transform your company’s failing bottom-line or improve your MBA dissertation by manifolds will not just come to your brain when it is entrenched with workplace or school minutia!

Hardest workers often find it hard to stop working in fear as they do not have the self-confidence to stop working. We all need some happy medium in order to be our best performer selves. The best and most productive workers have the right balance of work pressure on them that lie on a sweet spot between very heavy load and very light load of work.

As for parting thoughts, all we would like to say is that the best of jobs do not go to the smartest or hardest workers but to the people who reads their situation the best. To be successful and happy, you must get out from behind that computer after sometime everyday to enjoy the rest of the day.


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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!