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Stop Being The Hardest Worker at Work to be The Best!

Here is some real talk for all you MBA students who are either preparing for the rat race in the corporate life, or are already a part of it! If you work for the longest hours every day, then you will look the most desperate. While it is not a good idea to look lazy, but you need not be the hardest worker in the den as well!

Why work so much harder than the next person? What are you compensating for? Are you not as smart as them? Are you less organized? Are you not confident in your skills and abilities? Can you not navigate the world outside of work?

Chances are if you are the hardest worker in your team, then one the above is true, may be you are too blind to see it. Continue reading –>

Can You Really Live Up To Your Potential?

Humans like to blame stuff for their problems; they blame everything and everyone for their own failures and shortcomings.

Rarely will you ever see a man accepting his own reasons, behind who he is and living a life which is the result of the decisions he made!

It is a fact that most people are primarily shaped by their surroundings, their environments build them, people rub off on people and by all influences them, it is just like how common cold spreads!

However, at the same time, free will is not a myth, no matter how bad your situation is you will have the ability to change it.

Because at the end of the day humans have the ability to change themselves and their lives; only whether or not one chooses to do so, is up to them. Continue reading –>

How much money will make you happy. The answer might surprise you

For millions of years, since the beginning of human history they have been at the pursuit of happiness. What truly makes humans happy is an age old question and many have traveled far and wide in search of the answer.

A documentary film even records this journey of people starting from the slums of Calcutta to the poshest areas of New York City, and they interviewed several people about what actually makes them happy and how they can live a fulfilling life.

This movie was actually inspired from an article that was published by the New York Times about how people can measure happiness. So began their search for the answers.

And the conclusion…? Here is what this fascinating documentary tells us about being truly happy. And the answers will definitely surprise you! Continue reading –>