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You Can Inspire Good Habits Among Your Employees in This Way

The job role of a white-collar title holding ‘leader’ may seem like an endless list of treacherous points in wordy bullets, but bullets they are in whichever form it is. However, the main priority for CEOs, CFOs and staff managers alike is ultimately one thing – it is to lead with conviction.

But the burning question is – How?

Every c-suite executive in a company has a goal which is to foster excellence. Every company houses an eclectic mix of personalities, temperaments, and skills. Many before you (the presently studying MBA student buried under stacks of uninspiring MBA assignments), have walked the long roads to find the key to effective management. But the key to this unassuming mystery is to simply do one thing, inspire.

Every company employee has good days and bad days and some highly challenging days. But to get through them, they need motivation mixed with a handful of optimism and at times a modest push of incentives. But the best way in which leaders can deliver their company objectives, is by creating an inspirational environment. And they must do so all day, every day regardless of being it a good or bad day for them.

Looking for the best way to do so is not an easy task, but it is the right thing to do, always. Here are a few ways you can motivate your peers:

Focus on your employees’ strengths (make this your human resource assignment):

Great leaders are great at identifying strengths of their individual team members and often give employees, proper opportunities to use these strengths. A good leader must cultivate and optimize other people’s talents and capabilities.

Some strengths may be obvious, but some others are not always so visual. The best way to identify all the hidden qualities of an employee is by organizing an one-on-one meeting to ask questions like: what do you enjoy the most as a part of your job, do you miss anything from your past jobs and if so why, etc.

Be empathetic (this is your primary service marketing assignment):

To bring out the best from your team, you must listen to what they have to say. Try and put yourself in their shoes. The best way to reduce tension when in an emotional situation is by listening and responding with empathy. Know that nothing productive can be achieved unless and until you calm down.

The best way to better performance is with empathy and as a motivator you must learn to empathize.

Understand the difference between nagging and inspiration (as you had to do with your MBA written papers):

The least productive behaviour is incessant requests with suggestions that lean very close to being patronizing. If you as a leader, nag then know that it will work against you. Driving towards change is the best way to inspire employees. Work with them on an individual level to understand their goals and aspirations. You must work towards developing a sense of desire amongst your subordinates rather than a sense of fear.

We recommend that you create a work situation which is compelling and is based on rational connections with individual team members, explain the logic behind the change you are pushing to them.

In closing thoughts, all we would like to say is that you must be courageous. At the risk of sounding hilariously clichéd we would still to say that leadership success and courage go hand-in-hand. Be a brave-heart first to be a great leader.

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