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Interrelation of Digital Divide, Mobile Phones and Economic Development

Type: Essay

Domain: Industry Analysis

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Interrelation of Digital Divide, Mobile Phones and Economic Development

The digital divide is often described as the gap in technological advancement between the economically developed and the developing nations. The rise in popularity of mobile phones and associated telecommunications services can be determining factor to assess the national economy. The study has highlighted that the mobile phones have played a great role in improving the economic status of various developing nations. The rising popularity of mobile phones, especially that of the smartphones have driven multinational companies to expand their business in various emerging economies. This in turn has played a major role in improving the overall economic status of these countries.
The mobile phone revolution has facilitated increasing the usage of telecommunication services and the internet at a much larger scale than computers. Since mobile phones are cheaper, can be carried along easily and are less complicated to use as compared to a desktop system, their contribution towards reducing the digital divide has been immense. Digital divide refers to the difference in technological advancement and usage of modern communications systems between the developed and the developing nations. The report analyses whether mobile phones have actually been successful in bridging the technological differences between the developed and the developing nations. The research indicates that mobile phones, in the developing nations are a huge boon for technological and economic advancement.
The reason behind the shrinking digital divide is also attributed by the fact that the average price of smartphones has come down drastically. Along with that the increasing availability of the high-speed internet has a major role to play in this area. More people in the developing nations can now gain access to the internet, thereby making it easier for them to communicate at a global scale. Moreover, the adoption of smartphones has also contributed in improving the standard of living of the people in the developing nations. Furthermore, the phenomenon of technology diffusion has supported the transfer of new technologies to reach various other nations. Therefore, this study clearly indicates that the adoption and usage of smartphones has a major role to play in bridging the digital divide between the developed and developing countries.

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