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Internationalisation of Human Resource Management: Case of Starbucks

Type: Report

Domain: Strategic Hrm

Words: 7500


Internationalisation of Human Resource Management: Case of Starbucks

International human resource management process was the core theme of the study which was evaluated in context of Starbucks. Starbucks being a global leader in terms of brand value and business performance has spread its actvities in over 63 countries. The growth and development of the concerned business firm was analysed in context of their human resource management and the international factors that influence their employee management processes in this report. It was noted that international rules and regulations influence the business operations as well as the employee management processes of multinational firms. Such as immigration, employee laws, compensation and work hour policies are crucial factors that directly relates to the work structure of a company. Starbucks, in this respect has designed an ethical work culture wherein the company follows all the regulations for business development and workforce management. The business performance of Starbucks also highlights active inclusion of stakeholders for improving their contribution towards, national, social and economic growth of the countries. Based on the findings of the research, Starbucks has been recommended to include social relationships with their employees for better human resource management and to diversify to juice and nectar segment for business growth and development.

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