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Corbyn Is Right About Education But Needs To Highlight His Views

Corbyn is among those rare leaders who actually practice what they preach. This is illustrated by the breakup with his wife over exclusivity in their child’s education, but in spite of the personal tragedy Corbyn stuck to its stance. And after all these years it appears that he will be the one who will have … Continue reading –>


Hajj Stampede Claims Over 700

The stampede during Hajj that took place on Thursday morning near Mina two miles away from Mecca during a ritual which may be termed as “stoning the devil” claimed more than seven hundred lives while injuring close to 900 people in Saudi Arabia, according to reports. The footage of the incident is disturbing with piles … Continue reading –>

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How Economic Disparity Still Affects Education Even in the US

We have come a long way since the seventies of the previous century where African-American children seldom had the same opportunities in education as whites. The researchers of Management Writing Solutions have found that things have changed But things have undergone widespread changes thanks to events like the civil rights movement, desegregation in schools and … Continue reading –>

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More B-schools are Embracing Digitization

The advanced transformation of the digital world has come with a lot of demand to B-schools; however, the striking fact is what number of B-schools is currently grasping the comprehensive change of technology. According to the survey of Management Writing Solutions, top organizations like Harvard, INSEAD, MIT and Stanford are putting money intensely in online … Continue reading –>

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The Best Answers to Essay Questions Asked to MBA Applicants by Stanford

If you are aiming for an MBA from Stanford, then you should first have one thing clear. Your educational background and your previous work experience are not the sole things that are of interest to them. What They Want According to Stacy Blackman who founded the Stacy Blackman Consulting, a firm providing essay writing service … Continue reading –>