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Personal branding is key to MBA application success: ex-Harvard admission officer

Personal Branding is Key to MBA Application Success: Ex-Harvard Admission Officer

Do you want to know the secret for standing off the crowd for successful admission into the B-school of your dreams? As per an ex-Harvard admission officer, the key to this success lies in personal branding. Humans have the habit of categorizing things into usually two groups. This happens autonomously almost unconsciously in our minds. … Continue reading –>

A few transition words every essay writer must know

A Few Transition Words Every Essay Writer Must Know

Transition it is the passage from one stage to another stage or from one place to another. This is what is suggested by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, but that has been around for roughly around 184 years. So, let us try and amend it a little bit with this definition – transition is the passage from … Continue reading –>