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Pay Boost Not a Concern for Business Owners – 2020

According to the data collected and calculated by The Resolution Foundation, raising the minimum wage in the UK to £7.20, will only overburden employers by an insignificant 0.2%. By 2020 The wage bill in the UK will experience an increase of a mere 0.6% by 2020 when the rates are slated to be revised to … Continue reading –>

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UK Universities Falter and Slip in International Rankings

A detailed analysis by Management Writing Solutions: The British academic policymakers should show some signs of concern as UK universities slip in the latest ranking of international universities. Only Cambridge managed a spot as one of the top five universities in the globe, having secured a third-place jointly. The QS World University Rankings The QS … Continue reading –>

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Best MBA in UK or Abroad?

In the changed scenario where global is the driving keyword, the new emerging trend is to seek educational destinations other than the tried and tested seats of the US and the UK. That is the indication that QS Top MBA has found in its latest research. And might be this is the reason that most … Continue reading –>