Which Business Schools Score Highest On Satisfaction?

The MBA Programs with which could boast of the highest number of alumni who are most satisfied with the skills they picked up in their Alma matter was recently the subject of a study by Forbes. Graduates of the year 2010 were considered, a distressing period of time for job seekers in the wake of the Global Recession fallout.

In spite of the less than bright career prospects, at least in the short run, MBA graduates from the elite schools were hardly affected by it. As a matter of fact most of the graduates earned as much as their investment in the business school on an average of four years. In the calculations of the study not only the tuition fees but the two years of lost salary was considered by them. Continue reading –>

England Tops High Cost of Education List

In a recently released educational survey conducted annually England stood at pole position as far as average tuition fees for undergraduate studies are concerned in the world of industrialized nations,though the Return on Investment or the ROI remains high due to the higher wages for graduates.

On an average, British undergraduate students had to shell out approximately £6,000 annually as tuition fees in the academic session of 2013-2014 after it was decided by the government to higher the upper ceiling of tuition fees by as much as three times, the survey conducted by OECD, an abbreviation for “Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development” revealed .The US was the next most expensive place to study for under-graduates having £5,300 as tuition fees. In Japan it costs around £3,300 for doing the same according to OECD which is based in Paris and is comprised of 34 countries many of which may be considered to be prosperous.

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The Culprits of the French Attack Have Been Identified

The authorities of France have isolated the profiles of two people whom they believe to be responsible for ordering and planning the savage and cowardly terrorist attack in France that killed over a hundred.

According to revelations by sources close to the ongoing investigation in Paris, French officials have reason to believe that the attacks were orchestrated by Salim Benghalem who happens to be a French national. The attack is presumed to have been ordered by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, both reported to be currently in Syria.

The attackers made use of automatic weapons in addition to explosive devices. They were orgamized into three teams and targeted the national stadium, a concert hall filled to the brim with people and many restaurants. Francois Hollande termed the attack as an act of war as the ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The interior Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve revealsed that 168 raids have already been conducted and detained 23 suspects and put more than a hundred under house arrest. The minister warned that this is just the start and their response will be total and huge.

According to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, the identity of 5 of the 7 dead terrorists have been ascertained. The hunt is on an eighth suspect Salah Abdeslam, a 26 yr old.

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