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Management students raise £ 7,800

Manorlands Hospice fund collection by management students

A student of management studies has recently collected more than £ 7,800 for Oxenhope Sure Ryder of Manor lands Hospice. A student of event management at the Craven college of Skipton, Polly Roberts organized a fund raising ball as her last project for the foundation degree. Moreover, being the administrator of the Fisher Medical center at Skipton she made a decision to donate all the proceeds to the local Hospice.

The ball for the fund raiser was organized at the local Coniston Hotel Country Estate and spa and was attended by Polly’s friends, family and colleagues. Continue reading –>

Making Academic Essays Easy

Essay writing is not an easy task. Though there are indeed many students who possess the gift of self-expression but they too have to thoroughly research and abide by the conventions of academic writing in order to get a good grade.

But provided you follow the steps in a sequential manner presented you will find that writing an essay not that difficult after all.

Keep the Essay Question in Mind

Before you hurriedly begin the process of writing make sure that you fully comprehend what is asked of you in the essay. Make it a point to answer the essay question clearly. Be acutely aware of words like discuss, compare, similar and explain if the occur in the question posed in the essay. Also, keep in mind whether the discussion is limited to particular time periods. Continue reading –>

Writing Tips for Your College Homework

During your time in college, it is of little wonder if writing down your homework is not the most pleasing experience that you are acquainted with. But it is also a mandatory part of performing well academically as the grades are important in the larger context of your academic career. Just like grades are not the sole factor to be reckoned with in the course of your life at college, homework assignments are also more than just the marks that you earn for yourself. They are designed to provide you with knowledge about different aspects and elements of the subject that you are studying. It also serves to acquaint you with your own abilities and weaknesses and strengths. You also realize the importance of proper management of time and give you the wonderful feeling to put in an effort whose result is pretty good. Continue reading –>