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Outline Marketing Plan for Atlantic Quench

Type: Report

Domain: Marketing Plan

Words: 3500


Outline Marketing Plan for Atlantic Quench

Atlantic Quench Cranberries have established themselves as a major brand in the American juice industry. They have also focused on enhancing their business processes by developing alliances with global brands such as Coca-Cola and Gerber. The business processes of the firm are now trying to enter the market of United Kingdom. The study focused on analysis of the UK juice and nectar industry with the help of different marketing techniques. It was observed that because of reduced capability of the local suppliers, the market scope of UK juice and nectar segment have increased for foreign firms. Also, the inherent capabilities of Atlantic Quench were compared with the current situations of the market and the probable options were identified. Based on the analysis and the marketing planning process, Atlantic Quench will enter the UK market with their existing products and focus on the niche segment during the initial years. However, the product contents will be changed in accordance with the regulatory norms of the market. The overall budget for the marketing plan is £60000. It can be mentioned that appropriate strategic and operational decisions, the company can achieve the missions and objectives in the UK market.

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