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Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management

Type: Report

Domain: Marketing Plan

Words: 3000


Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management

British mobile catering is growing steadily. Economic recession has decreased the spending capacity of customers hence they are shifting towards low end food service in comparison high end restaurants. In 1995 Arkebauer has pointed out that a well-developed business plan provides immense benefits to the entrepreneurs hence the report will try to create a systematic dimension for the proposed business plan. Business education played crucial role on evolution of the concept business plan (Smaglik, 2004). The proposed business plan in the essay will try to synchronize the concept of business education into real world practice. This essay will try to highlight business situation for Bolt Catering Service (hypothetical catering van taken into consideration). The business is located in belvedere, London and it will serve breakfast to local customers. The essay will analyze business plan for Bolt Catering Service in terms of product & service, market trend, marketing planning, organizational planning and financial planning. Academic evaluation of the proposed business plan will cover significant portion of the report. Analyzing marketing strategy in terms of targeting and segmenting will be an important part of the business plan. In the final part, the essay will analyze future plan for Bolt Catering Service. In 2002, Hormozi has pointed out that investors get interested by clearly written executive summary and sometimes investment decision for venture capitalist entirely depends on conciseness of executive summary (Hormozi, Sutton, McMinn, and Lucio, 2002, pp. 755-763). The report has tried to create a concise executive summary in order to attract investors.

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