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Marketing Business Plan: Langston University in Oklahoma

Type: Report

Domain: Marketing Plan

Words: 4250


Marketing Business Plan: Langston University in Oklahoma

The study is based on the development of a marketing/recruiting plan for Langston University based in Oklahoma, USA. Langston University is one of the most renowned firms of the educational sector of Oklahoma. Mainly known as a college for promoting the knowledge and skills of African-American students, Langston University has established itself firmly in the concerned market place. In order to design the marketing plan for the organisation, a situational analysis was performed for assessing the current conditions of the market and the organisation. It was noted that the primary strengths of Langston University were based on its diverse cultural base and widespread service structure. The extracurricular activities performed within the college were also of great importance to the students in designing their career path. The negative aspect was the internal environment of the University which was considered as violent and aggressive in comparison to its competitors. The primary competitors of Langston University were Oklahoma Christian University and Oklahoma State University. Both these firms are public universities like Langston and posses similar characteristics. Moving to the designing of the marketing objectives and market planning process, the objective for Langston University was to increase the number of student enrolment by 50 students per semester for the next five years. The segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies were designed mainly on the basis of the core strengths of Langston University. The tactical planning process included the marketing mix which reflected the specific requirements for pursuing the marketing planning process of the University. Based on this tactical planning process, the budget for the 1st year has been prepared. The budgeting of the following four years will be designed based on the performance of the marketing plan.

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