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Role of Social Media in Influencing the Purchase Behaviour of UK Consumers

Type: Dissertation

Domain: Social Media Marketing And Consumer Behaviour

Words: 17250


Role of Social Media in Influencing the Purchase Behaviour of UK Consumers

The use of social media has grown in the past five years has spread like wild fire. Increase in the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc have contributed highly to the change in the behaviour of the consumers. The involvement of corporate firms in the social media platform for enhancing the scope of their marketing and customer relationship process has also increased. Based on this, the subject matter of the research was chosen. The aim of the study was to consider the various factors that manipulate consumer decision making in perspective of social media usage. The literature review reflected various models and concepts of social media marketing that are being used to improve the marketing process of the business firms. On the other hand, the use of social media by the consumers and organisations differs in many ways which also impacts the buyer-seller relationship. Also, it has been observed that social media has evolved as one of the fastest means of communications and promotional activities.
The research methodology of the study mainly focused on quantitative analysis which was conducted with the help of survey questionnaires. The respondents selected for the study were students of Northampton University. The data analysis and interpretations were done with the help of statistical software SPSS. The reliability test reflected that the questions were relevant and valid. Apart from using descriptive statistics to assess the response of the participants, the Anova and correlation tests were used in order to understand the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables. The hypothesis considered in the study was also proved with the help of correlation and Anova testing. Considering the growing the trend of social media marketing, creating scope for consumer participation and transparent marketing process has been suggested for the business firms.

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