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Quasar Energy Drink Marketing Plan

Type: Report

Domain: Marketing Plan

Words: 3000


Quasar Energy Drink Marketing Plan

The study is focused on the product launch strategy of Quasar Energy Drinks. The company will launch the product in three primary flavors: caffeine, tangerine and cherry. The products will be packaged in 50ml tetra packs, 1.5l tetra packs and 1.5l bottles. The product launch strategy will focus only on the urban markets of the UK. The managerial approach for designing the operational functions of the firm will be participative in nature so that the company can draw out the most from their employees. The pricing strategy for Quasar Energy Drinks will be premium and the promotional strategy will use both online and offline modes. The distribution and supplier channels will be developed with the help of alliance and other forms of business tie ups. The assessment of the industry will help Quasar Energy Drinks in framing appropriate strategies for handling the risks and uncertainties of the industry.

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